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NetSuite Plugs In Keyword Marketing

By David A. Utter
Staff Writer
Article Date: 2006-08-23

The Keyword Marketing Module provided by on-demand business software firm NetSuite would be available to its customers at no additional charge.

Google AdWords and Yahoo Sponsored Search campaigns can be managed from the module provided by NetSuite for its customers. Their unveiling comes a day after rival announced its deal for Kieden, a company that makes a similar product for Salesforce users.

Price is the big difference here. NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+ customers have the Keyword Marketing Module available now, for free. Salesforce will charge $300 per month for Kieden users.

NetSuite described its module as a tool that will help gain a clear picture of what keyword marketing dollars produce at every sales stage. That will include tracking leads generated from keywords, through conversion, to revenue, profits, and ROI gained.

Google has contributed on the education side to the NetSuite initiative. A webinar on paid search features Chris Valle, Senior Manager of Sales at Google, along with NetSuite's Jay O'Connor, VP of Marketing.

Both the NetSuite and Salesforce moves reinforce the need and value of such measurement tools. Online advertising provides a very measurable vehicle for determining just how well, or poorly, a campaign delivers for the marketer.

Their moves also demonstrate the competitiveness in the on-demand software segment. NetSuite uses as an example in one slide of its paid search presentation, where they describe CRM and Marketing Automation as one piece of a fractured puzzle of traditional software management.

For an entertaining exchange between Salesforce and NetSuite, picked up brickbats thrown by both companies with regards to their keyword management efforts. Someone get Marc Benioff and Larry Ellison (NetSuite's majority owner) in a cage match, please.


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About the Author:
David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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