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Mysterious Billboard Recruits Geeks For Google

By Jeremy Muncy
Staff Writer
Article Date: 2004-07-09

A mysterious billboard with a mathematic message has sprung up in Silicon Valley. Many people thought that this billboard was a recruiting technique devised by Google to draw in top-notch engineers. They were right.

In a article Wayne Rosing, Google's vice president of engineering, said, "The limit to our growth is our ability to get the best talent on the planet and get them working on the toughest computing problems around." Google is known for its state of the art methods of recruiting. It holds high regard for people who are exceptional at academics and mathematics. This billboard was a tool used by Google to "weed" out some of the best candidates for open positions.

Upon making it to the second level of questioning, that is if you are able to, you are hit up with this question as seen on
f(1)=  7182818284
f(2)=  8182845904
f(3)=  8747135266
f(4)=  7427466391
f(5)=  __________
The solution to the equation is a password for you to continue on for the third level.

At the end of the question and answer section, you are taken to a congratulatory "Google (LABS)" page, which says, "As you can imagine, we get many, many resumes every day, so we developed this little process to increase the signal to noise ratio. We apologize for taking so much of your time just to ask you to consider working with us. We hope you'll feel it was worthwhile when you look at some of the interesting projects we're developing right now…"

One funny thing also mentioned on the Google (LABS) page is, "We're tackling a lot of engineering challenges that may not actually be solvable. If they are, they'll change a lot of things. If they're not, well, it will be fun to try anyway. We could use your big, magnificent brain to help us find out."

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About the Author:
Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for

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