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Newsletter Archive 2005

My Dotcom Predictions For 2006
Last year I made several predctions that now seem ridiculously silly. But a few ideas were pretty close. I've got a feeling that 2006 will be a big year, and here are some of the reasons why: - A Mt View startup is going to open our eyes to some new ways that RSS-SSE can influence culture...

Put Shopping Search Strategies In Your Basket

If your site isn't listed in the various shopping search engines online, it may be time to give them some extra consideration for your search strategy.

Online Retailers Ready Shoppers For Holidays

Holiday shopping this year looks to be going better than ever according to metrics released by Nielsen/NetRatings. Their eShopping Index saw a 29% increase from home on the day after Thanksgiving, garnering 17.2 million users over 100 online retailers.

Evaluating Vendors Of Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Once your website has secured an order, you have to fulfill it. While the fulfillment of digital goods is usually handled online, the delivery of physical goods is handled in a "brick-and-mortar" world.

Are You Guessing In The Dark When It Comes To E-Commerce?

In the early days, guessing was considered to be the smartest thing to do. After all, we needed to start somewhere and develop ourselves from scratch so we were ready to find out what works and what doesn't.

A New Business Postage Solution

Office postage just got easier! Free up more of your time. Delegate your mailing needs to the sleek new mailstation™ digital postage meter. Take advantage of an introductory 90 day free trial and $50 in free postage coupons, redeemable after your trial period. Imagine - no more trips to the post office. Just think of the time you will save.

Taking Your Garage Sale To The Web

With online spending on a serious surge in recent months, web-entrepreneurs are taking cues from the likes of retailers like eBay and in point: Darren Anderson's, a bare-boned online classified site selling anything and everything with next-to-nothing listing fees.

The Promise Of Shopping Search Marketing

Diversity is key in marketing and a successful campaign will utilize not only various available media, but media that pinpoints a consumer ready to buy. It seems obvious, within the scope of the adage, "don't put all of your eggs in one basket," but every avenue counts. If you haven't thought of comparison shopping search, you probably should.

Shopzilla Research Into Online Apparel Trends

Online retailer search engine Shopzilla just release a study covering Apparel trends for online buyers. Their BizRate Research division said casual clothing is the current trend in the work place.

Netscape's Contribution, Ten Years Later

Tuesday marked the ten-year anniversary of the beginning of the greatest investment boom in history. On August 9, 1995, Netscape issued its initial public stock offering, which is widely regarded as the spark that set off the stock boom of the late 90's and set the stage for today's tech world.

Turning Visitors In Buyers – SES

Last week Microsoft made a big step on working with the community. We saw what can happen if you put something out there, put your ear to the ground, and then refactor based on what you hear.

Cost-Per-Action In The Near Future

To say that the search engine marketing industry is booming would be an understatement. And Pay-Per-Click (PPC), the method by which advertisers pay each time a searcher clicks on their sponsored link as a result of a search query using relevant terms, is a large part of that industry.

A New Kind Of Conversation Is Needed With Microsoft

Last week Microsoft made a big step on working with the community. We saw what can happen if you put something out there, put your ear to the ground, and then refactor based on what you hear.

Managed Hosting Essentials

The level of service you receive at Rackspace makes you feel like you're their only customer. It's what Rackspace calls Fanatical Support™. When you need to talk to someone, you'll find level 3 technicians available--anytime you call. These are the techs that can give you real answers, not just write up a ticket and pass you along the chain of command. You can always expect Rackspace to answer the call and go beyond.

Maximize Your Online Survey Profits

One of the most common questions I get on my website is "Peter, how do I make the most money with these online survey opportunities?" There are a couple of extremely easy ways to add to your bottom line in the survey-taking world.

Google's Blogger To Make Some Big Moves

Blogger's Biz Stone told The Industry Standard that they are considering several enhancements to the service, including Enterprise blogging, privacy controls, and image hosting.

PayPal: The Grand Daddy Of Online Sales Transactions

I love PayPal. They've been doing business online almost as long as I have, and they're constantly improving and adding new features to their service.

The Long Tail Will Rise If The Media Charge For Online Content

According to Reuters, a Dow Jones & Co. Inc. executive predicted that more U.S. publishers likely will try to wean readers off free Internet versions of their newspapers by starting to charge online subscription fees.

To Portal Or Not To Portal? Wrong Question

It seems Google is trying to experiment with elements of portal sites like My Yahoo! but still trying to remain in the business of purely search and rejecting the elements of portalhood that it doesn't like. I'm not so sure you can be on both sides of the fence.

Blogs And Wikis Change The Dynamics Of Business

Tom Foremski, publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher and ex-FT correspondent, writes a terrific piece in Financial Times on a new phase of the internet that's emerging, fuelled by a new class of technologies coming out of Silicon Valley that don't even have a name yet, but have the potential to be disruptive in their application.

Three Keys To Increasing Your Link Popularity The 'Write' Way

One of the most important elements of the Google (and other search engine) algorithms is link popularity. If you have a high link popularity, among other factors, your page will be considered important and have a higher PageRank, which will result in a higher position on the results page when someone searches your keyword phrases.

Pew Internet Search Engine User Study Data

Pew / Internet released a report January 23rd about internet search engine users. The title of the report is Internet Searchers Are Confident, satisfied and trusting - but they are also unaware and naive.

The Unidentified Rules Of Email Advertisements

Majority of the email messages we receive today either ends up in our saved messages folder or goes straight to the trash can. The more dominate and familiar messages are usually associated with past business or personal contacts is why we save so many emails in so many folders that it creates an email management nightmare.