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Newsletter Archive 2004

6 Ways To Get Valuable Feedback

You can learn many things you didn't know about your website by getting valuable feedback from your visitors and customers. Some of your visitors may think it's too hard to navigate through your web site. Some may think that you have too may links on it. Some may even want to see who is the person behind the website. Some visitors may even think that there are not enough payment options on your site.

How To Boost Your Sales During The Holidays

You can maximize your sales during the Holidays ...even if you have to deal with more intense competition - or if you normally experience a drop in business because your products and services are not commonly used for "gift giving".

Linking Advice From Experts At WebMaster World Of Search

Link building has become an integral part of search engine marketing and positioning. The topic is inevitably the subject of many web conference programs and the WebMaster World of Search conference was no exception.

Are Blogs Becoming More Popular Than Forums?

Blogging is hot, and seems to be becoming hotter each month. Although blogging originally was dismissed, by many successful publishers and other online "gurus", the truth is that now, a few years after the "blogging trend" began, there are actually more blogs and more bloggers online than ever before. Blogging, obviously, is "here to stay"!

Overture: So Much More Than Pay Per Click

Overture is known for being the Leader in "Pay Per Click" (PPC).Owned by Yahoo, Overture advertisers can reach over 80% of Internet users. If you take a closer look and pop the hood, you'll find a whole suite of useful tools for Marketers...

Web-based Project Management

QuickBase is Web-based, so you can view the latest information, then share it instantly with anyone on your team. No more details falling through the cracks or not knowing who was responsible for a particular task.

Trends In E-Mail Marketing: Dynamic, Personalized Messages

While e-mail is an accepted and proven form of delivering marketing messages, professional marketers are looking for better ways to build customer loyalty and generate a greater return on their marketing investments.

Yahoo Japan Drops Google From Search And Switches Ad Format To Overture

Yahoo's cleansing continues. The internet's most popular portal is keeping its focus on improving its search engine capabilities and keyword advertising. Earlier this year, Yahoo dropped Google from its US search engine in favor of their own algorithm, and it looks like the purge is continuing.

Hewlett-Packard Customers Showing "Brand Love"

Allison Johnson is the Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Communications for Hewlett-Packard and she delivered a keynote address this morning on "The Changing Role of Interactive in Global Marketing."

Web Shopping Search Use Jumps During Mother's Day

Web users were out enmasse this past Mother's Day weekend. Nielsen//NetRatings released a study that showed the amount of traffic to shopping-based search engines rose, in some cases, as much as 91%. The study also found that nearly 13 million unique visitors used online shopping directories and search engines.

Search Engine Ad Revenue Up 35 Percent

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released the Final Full-Year 2003 Internet Ad Revenue Figures, and the report has revealed that ad sales across the Internet has risen 21% from the previous year. The biggest jump, however, was in keyword sales.

Yahoo Japan Online Ad Profits See 64% Increase

Yahoo Japan, the country's largest online portal, according to, reported that its profits more than doubled in the latest financial year. The main reasons for the boost are Yahoo Japan's online auction presence and its online ad revenue.

Turn PPC Campaigns Into Riches Using Affiliate Storefronts.

Why pay more "per click" when you can "bundle" your most profitable affiliate programs, into a well-presented website?

Let your prospective "PPC visitors" be the solemn judge of which product ultimately matches with his / her interests, by endorsing your affiliated vendors with "affiliate storefronts".

Google AdSense Is Put On The Spot

Google AdSense representative Gokul Rajaram was put on the spot during last week’s Webmasterworld PubConference in Orlando, Florida.

Rajaram said the intent of Google and Google AdSense is to allow the users, advertisers and web publishers to all benefit from the AdSense relationship. He added that AdSense has been successful so far due to Google’s understanding of page content.

Inherent Value Testing

s your web site chartered with encouraging people to buy or use your product or service? Is it succeeding? It turns out there is a simple usability testing technique that can help you measure how your site communicates your product's inherent value.

Do You Have A Smiling Face On Your Website?

If you think it’s great to have a smiling face on your website, join the crowd. It’s hard to find a website these days that doesn’t have a happy face. Unfortunately, the happy face syndrome is often a reflection of lack of focus. When everyone is smiling, where’s the differentiation?

Using JavaScript Arrays For The Product Databases In E-Commerce, Storefront Applications

A key ingredient in any e-commerce storefront application is the database. This is where information unique to a particular store is archived. One grouping of unique information is product data.

Hard coded Web pages to present product data are the alternative to using a database. This practice is generally not acceptable because hard coded pages are not easily modified to accommodate new, revised, and discontinued products.

Client Versus Server Side Functionality In E-Commerce, Storefront Applications

E-Commerce, E-Business, Internet Shopping, On-line Storefronts, Digital Storefronts, Electronic Shopping, Internet Commerce, Web Commerce, B2B, B2C, etc. are all terms used by marketing to grab a "mind share". They all refer to buying and selling over the Internet.