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Newsletter Archive 2003

The Dangers of Publishing your Website in Another Language

Publishing your website in another language is like managing a brand new website. It demands people who are expert in writing and editing in that language. The standard of English on the Web, for example, is often poor, even for those whose native language it is. It can be embarrassingly bad for websites publishing English as a foreign language.

Choosing an Effective Content Manager

Content Management is a term that is not new to IT and marketing organizations. However, this terminology can take on several different meanings. The context discussed in this paper provides ordinary businesses with the ability to build meaningful Web content to author, structure, approve, archive, and publish content to maintain a fresh and pleasing Web presence.

Why Personalization Hasn't Worked Online

Personalization hasn't worked because most people don't have a compelling reason to personalize. It hasn't worked because the cost of doing it well usually significantly outweighs the benefits it delivers. It hasn't worked because managers have seen it as some Holy Grail of content management.

Is Adsense Going To Turn Associate Programs Obsolete?

When Google introduced their new Adsense revenue sharing program, people began to wonder if things would change. Certain questions have been burning in people's mind like: what's going to happen to Associate Programs, how do they compare against Google's Adsense and will Adsense cause Associate Programs to be obsolete?

Improve Conversion by Measuring the Key Scenarios on Your Web Site

What's the conversion rate of your web site? If you don't know, you're not alone. Based on feedback from a recent webcast, more than 66 percent of marketing executives surveyed didn't know their conversion rates. Yet, the same group of executives agreed that “converting more visitors” was the most important web site objective.

Press Release SEO - Media Kit Linking Campaign

Search Engine Optimization requires strategizing as well as optimizing for SEO firms seeking online visibility for their clients. Last month a client of our firm sought counsel on their web strategy for an already optimized site. We had tightened up their keywords, focused their content and appropriately titled each well crafted page.

The Truth About Pay Per Click Marketing

The key to an effective Pay-Per-Click program is driving the “right” traffic to your website. Since you pay every time someone clicks through to your site you want to attract only visitors who are interested in your product or service. And you want to be sure that, when they arrive at your site, they can find what they’re looking for— quickly.

Content Management : Critical Skill of the Modern Manager

The Internet has changed how organizations manage. Historically, management was focused on 'walking and talking.' Today, 'reading and writing' are becoming more and more central. This trend is reinforced by a recent META Group study, which found that 80 percent of business people choose email as their primary communication tool.

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Overture search advertising is the most effective way for businesses and customers to connect online. You bid on keywords and your business can appear in search results on the Web's premier sites, attracting buying customers looking for precisely what you sell.

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Overture search advertising is the most effective way for businesses and customers to connect online. You bid on keywords and your business can appear in search results on the Web's premier sites, attracting buying customers looking for precisely what you sell.

Things To Know If You're Marketing On The Internet

1. According to Nielson NetRatings, the US accounts for 29% of the global Internet access universe, Europe, 23%, Asia-Pacific, 13%, and Latin America, 2%.

Content Management: Seeking The Silver Bullet

There is no silver bullet that will solve your web content problem. There is no magical formula, no sleek software, that will take away the pain of badly written, badly organized content. Creating quality content that is well organized requires a lot of training, skill and hard work.

Paid Performance: A New Pricing Structure For SEO Companies

Pricing structures" have always been the source of much discussion among professional SEO's. Knowing how much to charge for SEO services is difficult, and it depends on so many factors. So in the beginning, most SEO's tend to charge less for their services, then spend hour upon hour getting results for their clients.

Marketing To Seniors On The Net

I've been active in Internet marketing since 1996, including working with several businesses that acquire customers solely over the Web. Not long ago, while assisting a client who markets specifically to seniors, I had the biggest surprise of my life!

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Mobile Operators Team Up for m-Commerce

Well, February was certainly a wild ride, with Google's purchase of Pyra, and Overture's purchase of Alta Vista. Watch for the importance of blogs as a marketing tool to increase, as well as a new and vastly improved Alta Vista.

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EBay Launches Marketplace for Small Businesses

Today's issue delivers some recent trends in online sales - from small businesses setting up shop at eBay, to selling your goods on Google's new ecommerce search engine Froogle. In addition, we have a great article on buying advertising from online auctions.