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Fight Fraud with Real-Time ID Verify Cloud Service

End Chargebacks with Personator® ID Verification

Did you know that eRetailers lose $4 for every dollar of fraudulent charges online? How much is fraud costing your business? Personator matches name-to-address to verify true customer ID. Know who's behind the credit card. Not only will you save money, you’ll have something even better – peace of mind.

End Chargebacks with Personator® ID Verification

Build websites for clients? Let us show you how easy it is to implement Personator and benefit from a recurring revenue stream.
It’s a win-win for you and your clients!
Call us now for more info. 1-800-MELISSA, ext 1231.

Personator helps you:
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Protect your business
  • Grow sales

Get a free trial now!

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