Businesses Have More Ways to Sell Products with Shopify

By Chris Crum

March 30, 2016

A lot of businesses are about to have a lot more ways to sell their products with Shopify. The company announced that it is giving developers tools to build new sales channels to put Shopify into more and more apps. Right off the bat, eBates, Houzz, Wanelo are getting them, and more will be on the way.

The idea is that people are shopping in all kinds of apps, and Shopify wants to give sellers a chance to get at potential customers in more places.

“Managing several channels should be every bit as simple as managing one,” says Shopify’s Satish Kanwar. “With Shopify, you get a single place to run your business, one, unified platform for managing all your channels, products, orders, customers, and analytics.”

“To make selling through multiple channels even easier, we've made some improvements to Shopify,” he adds. “These improvements, which will be rolling out over the coming weeks, refine the channels experience and make it easier to explore new ways to grow your [...]

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