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March 3, 2014
Bill Hartzer 5 Reasons Social Media Should Be a Part of Your Ecommerce Strategy
By Bill Hartzer
Many online businesses understand the innate value in social media networking to increase their web traffic and ultimately their profit margins; yet, surprisingly, some do not or have not yet begun to tap into the benefits that social media affords when it comes to marketing and growing one's online or drop shipping business. The following five reasons are strong evidence why social media is integral to any ecommerce strategy in today's digital marketplace.

Who are You?

Sure, customers are aware of brands like Sony and Apple, but when it comes to your business name, do they know it and how can they begin to trust it? Social media is a great outlet for creating brand recognition. [...]

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The latest "Webmaster Help" video from Google is an interesting (and long) one. Google webspam king Matt Cutts talks about a day in the life of someone on the webspam team. [...]
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Join Zuckerberg In Reflecting On Your Time On Facebook As It Turns 10 Join Zuckerberg In Reflecting On Your Time On Facebook As It Turns 10
Today marks Facebook's tenth anniversary. Mark Zuckerberg has posted some thoughts on the last ten years, which began with going out for pizza with some friends, and sharing how excited he was about launching [...]
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Google To Writers: Don't Upload Articles To Directories Google To Writers: Don't Upload Articles To Directories
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New 'Premier' Club Debuted By Newegg
Online retailer Newegg has just announced a new subscription service that offers expedited shipping, exclusive deals, and more. They're calling it Newegg Premier and it'll run you $49.99 a year.

You can sign up for Newegg Premier beta today, and you'll get a 30-day trial.

Newegg Premier Benefit Program Launches Today! Learn More:

- Newegg (Official) (@Newegg) February 5, 2014

With Newegg Premier, you'll get "early bird [...]
Amazon Marketplace Had A Huge Year In 2013 Amazon Prime Was Gifted To A Lot Of People During The Holidays Tips For Ecommerce AdSense Sites From Google
Amazon announced that 2013 was a record-setting year for Amazon Marketplace sellers, and that it now has over 2 million of them. Throughout the year, sellers sold over a billion units worldwide, worth tens of billions of dollars, the company says. [...] In late November, Amazon finally allowed its customers to gift Amazon Prime subscriptions to their friends and family members. Free two-day shipping for a year is the perfect gift for the frequent Amazon shopper, but it was hard to say if this new gifting option would actually lead to more subscribers.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of [...]
Google has made available a recent Hangout on Air with a couple of Googlers from the ecommerce team, who discuss some conversion and optimization tips for ecommerce AdSense publishers. They walk you through a presentation on how to make the [...]
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