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Zoho Creator
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With Zoho Creator, you can build your own custom apps,
no matter how geeky (or not) you are.

Zoho Creator is a custom application builder with which anyone can build their own custom applications. It sports an easy drag-n-drop interface that simplifies app building for everyone. Click here to build your own app. It's fast, easy and free!
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Trusted by some of the world's leading companies and organizations.

Here is why Zoho Creator is ideal for any unique business requirement.

1. Drag-n-Drop interface

Zoho Creator lets you build custom database apps for every need, all by yourself. It supports
24 field types, that you would just drag from the list, and drop in the workspace.

2. Business process automation and custom workflow

Zoho Creator also supports workflow which ranges from simple if-else scenarios to user-role based sharing and approval modules. The drag-n-drop script builder lets you define unique conditions easily.

3. Data manipulation and graphical reports

To analyze data and predict trends, Zoho Creator provides searching, sorting and filtering options to drill down into data as you want. You can also generate graphical reports that are easier to interpret than raw data.

4. Scheduled tasks and email notifications

Schedules are for the automatic execution of those redundant tasks. You only configure what needs to be done and when. It gets done without manual intervention. You can even receive email notification whenever a specific condition is met.

5. Sharing and collaboration

​You can share the application with other members of your team. It can be for building the application, or to collect data. With role-based sharing, you can share select modules of your app too. Everything is accessible online, so your team can collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Get started with Zoho Creator today, for any unique business requirement. Build your own custom apps!

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