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More Payment Options Increase Online Sales
[2008-01-14] Three out of 10 major online retailers offered new payment methods as an additional option to credit cards in December 2007, according to a study from Brulant.

Customer Service an Important Component of eCommerce
[2007-11-09] A new study from Kronos, Inc. discusses the phenomenon of retail sales shifting from brick and mortar stores to internet retailers.

7 Year Extension on Internet Taxation Passed By Senate
[2007-10-29] Good news for online retailers and ecommerce - the Senate passed legislation that could ban taxes on sales for the next seven years.

Taxing E-tail Sales: The Impact
[2007-10-05] Efforts to force internet retailers to collect sales tax seem to be strengthening.

Killing the Goose That Laid the Interactive Eggs
[2007-09-24] It appears Scripps-the 100+ year old media company-isn't having the level of success with online media it had hoped.

Product Page Conversion Strategies That Shouldn't Be Ignored
[2007-09-17] Product pages maintain considerable strategic importance for ecommerce websites.

The E-commerce Balancing Act
[2007-08-27] If you operate an e-commerce business, you'll know intimately well the balancing act constantly playing out in your mind and in your strategic and tactical planning processes.

The Average Conversion Rate
[2007-08-06] A question I am asked frequently is what is the average conversion rate for an e-commerce website or for any website for that matter.

Eight Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Product Page
[2007-07-09] Product pages of online shops are perhaps the most complex of the landing pages, as they have a lot of information, require some action and functionality.

Gain The Trust Of Prospective eCommerce Customers
[2007-06-25] If you've got an eCommerce website you understand perfectly the need to generate a reliable stream of traffic to your venue.

Retailers Continue Search For Digital Music Success
[2007-04-23] Circuit City + Napster is the name of a new service launching April 29th that has the retail giant marketing Napster's 3 million track library. (press release here)

SEO for eCommerce and Shopping Carts
[2007-04-09] Search engine optimization on Ecommerce related web sites can be a little different than static web sites. However, other opportunities exist for shopping cart web sites.

eCommerce and Efficiency - A Stock Photography Example
[2007-03-12] Speed is everything when it comes to trade and commerce. You might have the best ice cream sundae in the world, but if it takes you an hour to make it and another hour to deliver it, you've lost a lot of potential customers.

Mountain Commerce Overshadows PPC
[2007-01-31] Pay-per-click advertising doesn't always smile upon budget-minded businesses; even "clean" PPC campaigns (i.e., ones that aren't plagued by click fraud) can be costly.

Online Retailers And Transactional Email
[2007-01-22] As the number of consumers shopping online continues to grow, more marketers are becoming interested in transactional emails.

Google Offering Checkout-optimized Results
[2007-01-17] Google once more might have crossed the fine line between delivering the most neutral search results, and doing self-promotion in disfavor of such neutrality.

Online Holiday Spending Passes $100 Billion
[2007-01-05] The year 2006 was a record breaker for e-commerce as online retail spending passed the $100 billion mark, according comScore.

Scrooge Returns, Opens Shop On eBay
[2006-12-08] Of all the humbug things to do at Christmas. A seller on eBay taught his kids a lesson last year (one they'll be describing to a therapist one day) by putting an empty Nintendo GameCube box under the tree, wrapped up in sadism, and is encouraging others to do the same to fix their spoiled kids. This year, he's selling a Wii box. The starting bid is $1.29, plus $20 for shipping the rocks that come with.

Black Friday Cashes In Online
[2006-11-27] Although most people think of long lines of shoppers outside stores awaiting 5 a.m. openings and deeply discounted merchandise, the lines were just as impressive on the Internet.

Monday, Cyber Monday
[2006-11-10] Cyber Monday is rapidly approaching and the online retailers are preparing themselves for what they hope will be lucrative holiday season.

Ecommerce: New Horizons
[2006-10-16] In 2005 the largest ecommerce sites were for the following top five products or services:

Europe: PriceRunner Makes Deal With MSN
[2006-10-02] Comparison shopping results delivered by MSN in France and the United Kingdom will arrive from PriceRunner, which is part of online advertising firm ValueClick.

New Online Shopping Trends
[2006-09-18] In this article, I am going to be talking about some new studies and reports that have been made available. I do not want to bore you with a bunch of numbers and statistics, but sometimes by looking at the numbers, we can realize certain areas that we can improve on for online businesses and realize areas that we do well in. We can give ourselves a big pat on the back and feel good about ourselves.

NetSuite Plugs In Keyword Marketing
[2006-08-23] The Keyword Marketing Module provided by on-demand business software firm NetSuite would be available to its customers at no additional charge.

Consumer Created Content Impacts Purchases
[2006-08-22] JupiterResearch has discovered that consumer-created content (blogs, forums etc) are having an increasing impact on consumer's online purchasing.

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